Help Us by Buying a Flint!

We are pleased to receive all donations of any amount small regular gifts are great, but if you want to give a bigger gift we asked The Lord Mayor of Hull to launch a Buy a Flint scheme, we hope to sell 3,000 'Flints' at £30.


Each £30 will bring matched funding from the National Lottery of £70 meaning we will be able to spend £100 for every £30 you donate, even more if you let us claim Gift Aid, follow the link to:

or just follow the Pay Pal link:

Any problems just email us


Do You want to Help another way?


This is how you can

If you don't wish to donate via Pay Pal, but still wish to help you can come and lend a hand, there is always something to do. Or if you are practical or have access to materials there are other options.

Do you have any of the following skills? 



Gas Fitter

Double Glazing installer


Painting and Decorating

Solar panel installer


Or if you have access to any of the following equipment you can lend us or can donate any of the following materials that would be great to.

Scaffolding or scaffolding tower

Insulation boards

Floor boarding

Or contact us with an offer of help, this is a big building and we need all the help we can get.


Another internal picture soon after the Church was put on the market


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